Le Groupe Saad Avila est une équipe de courtiers immobiliers dynamiques, spécialisés en transaction commerciales et en investissement résidentiels (duplex, triplex, quadruplex et immeubles multi logements).

Il est formé de six passionnés aux expertises diverses et complémentaires, qui couvrent le spectre entier de l’immobilier en Outaouais.

Leur mission? Devenir la référence en investissement immobilier en créant un guichet unique pour accompagner les acheteurs à chaque étape de leur projet d’investissement. Sans vente à pression, que de la valeur ajoutée.


Co-founder of the Saad Avila Group.

I acquired remarkable expertise as a mortgage specialist for several years in the Outaouais region. Since 2018, I have been a residential real estate broker, having successfully concluded more than 250 real estate transactions.

To sell, buy or invest, I consider it essential to surround myself with competent people who listen to needs. As a real estate broker, I deeply believe in the importance of supporting my clients in a personalized and reassuring manner, thus guaranteeing their complete satisfaction and peace of mind throughout the research and negotiation process.

Dynamic and motivated, I carry out my work with passion, always concerned about the needs and well-being of my clients. Available at all times and perseverant, I am fully involved in the field and maintain excellent visibility on social networks to stay on the lookout for requests and new information that could benefit my customers.

I know how to surround myself with competent people to maintain an impeccable level of professionalism and ensure serious follow-up to my files.

Whether it is to sell, buy or invest, rest assured that you will be in good hands. I am committed to offering impeccable, human, personalized and efficient service. Do not hesitate to contact me, it would be a great pleasure to help you and advise you to bring your real estate projects to fruition.


Co-founder of the Saad Avila Group.

As a residential and commercial real estate broker for several years, I have to be organized and work hard for my clients. To do this, I make myself available at all times to answer your questions and keep you informed of all stages of your transaction. The sale or purchase of real estate must be supervised, efficient and fair. My responsibility as a broker is to guide you and offer you results that meet your expectations.

Having worked for several years in sales and customer service, I have acquired numerous knowledge of marketing and networking. I am committed to remaining abreast of market developments. On a daily basis, I will be able to inform you about all types of property, the evolution of real estate prices, the opportunities in which it may be interesting to invest or, on the contrary, the problematic cases to avoid.

Motivated, dedicated and professional are qualities that represent me well. My job fascinates me and pushes me to surpass myself every day. Having been a buyer myself and having a few investments under my belt, nothing motivates me more than seeing my clients satisfied and happy with the service they received during their real estate transaction.

I am described like a cheerful person who loves life. I grew up in a beautiful, close-knit family in the Hull area. My father and my sister being both singers and musicians, I quickly developed a strong interest in music. Family values and the well-being of the people around me remain and will always remain my priority. Passionate about golf, soccer and sports in general, I am an advocate of a healthy and active lifestyle.


Co-founder of the Saad Avila Group.

Your trusted commercial real estate expert in Ottawa and Gatineau for the acquisition and disposition of multi-family, industrial and commercial buildings. I lead a dynamic and accomplished team that specializes in commercial real estate and has a proven track record.

Over the years, I have facilitated over 500 transactions, totaling an impressive volume of over $300,000,000. My commitment to providing exceptional service and expertise in navigating the ever-changing real estate market has earned me a reputation as a go-to professional in the industry. My dedication to client needs and in-depth knowledge of the local market make me the ideal partner to achieve your commercial real estate goals. Let’s embark on this journey together and transform your real estate visions into realities! »

Holder of OACIQ license since 2015 and of a RECO since 2021. Member of the Outaouais Real Estate Chamber and the Ottawa Real Estate Board.

Main transactions concluded:

– NUVO Project (Gatineau, Quebec): 5 x 26 units $30,000,000.
– Jardins Lorrains Portfolio (Gatineau, Quebec): 81 units – $16,600,000.
– Major land assembly in Aylmer (Gatineau, Quebec) for the construction of +/- 2,200 new housing units. $25,000,000
– Le Chatelain (Gatineau, Quebec): 48 units (Concrete – 6 floors) $6,500,000
– Rental of a prime retail project AGORA 10,000 SQFT post-covid


I am a residential real estate broker and proud member of the Saad Avila Group, a particularly successful real estate team in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. As a local resident, I have extensive knowledge of the real estate market and specialize in assisting with the purchase and sale of residential properties.

I am a skilled, detail-oriented negotiator , dedicated to providing exceptional service to my customers.

I understand that buying or selling a home can be a complex and emotional process, and I strive to make it as smooth and as stress-free as possible. By committing to open communication and focusing on achieving my clients’ goals, I have built a reputation that allows me to achieve results.

In addition to my extensive experience in In real estate, I constantly stay up to date with the latest market trends and best practices. I am always looking for new tools and technologies to better serve my clients.

Whether you are buying your first home or are an investor, I have the expertise and resources needed for you help achieve your real estate goals. Contact me today to make an appointment and find out how I can help you take the plunge.


As someone with a background in administrative work and organization, I have been actively involved in the real estate industry since 2017. I have gained valuable experience and knowledge during my time working within of the industry.

In my administrative role, I have developed strong organizational skills and attention to detail, which are crucial in real estate transactions. As a coordinator, I honed my ability to multitask, establish priorities and ensure operations run smoothly. These skills, combined with my familiarity with real estate processes, have prepared me to transition into the role of real estate broker.

In addition to my real estate experience, I also have a background in real estate technology. laboratory, which instilled in me a strong analytical mind and the ability to think critically and solve problems. I believe these skills are invaluable in the real estate industry, where the ability to navigate complex transactions is essential.

Outside of work, I am a proud mom, which has helped me provided a unique perspective and empathy for families and individuals who are searching for their dream home. I understand the importance of finding a property that not only meets their needs, but makes them feel like a place they can call home.