Property Investments

Whether you wish to invest in a residential or commercial space in the Outaouais region, Group Saad Avila is proud to accompany you from the beginning to the end of your transaction.

By discussing the process in detail and understanding the numbers, we believe more and more buyers will be excited to invest in their first, second, or sixth property.

“The rental market is changing, and investors and the rental inventory are sophisticated, intricate niches that must be taken seriously. We pride ourselves on being the leaders in the region, and we will be the reference in real estate investment. Group Saad Avila has mastered the figures and process, and provides efficient and effective tools to guide our clients through their purchase and always work to maximize the value of their property.” – Ali Saad

“I believe that a property guided investor can quickly become passionate if they are well-advised and set up for success throughout their purchase. They will want to get more involved in the realm of real estate, and we’re proud to follow them over the years and facilitate their investments.” – Abbas Saad