Whether you want to invest in a residence, an apartment building or a commercial building in Outaouais, the Saad Avila Group supports you from the start to the end of your transaction.

Talking about the real things and by showing the real figures, the Saad Avila Group believes that more and more buyers will want to invest.

“The rental market is evolving, investors and inventory rental are niches that must be taken seriously. We are going to be the leaders in the region. We will be the benchmark in large-scale real estate investment. We master the figures, the processes, the effective and efficient tools to guide customers in their purchase and maximize the value of their property”, believes Ali Saad.

Abbas Saad believes that a Properly guided investor can quickly become passionate:“If we advise them well during their first 2-3 purchases, they will want to get more into real estate. We will follow them and work with them over the years thanks to our one-stop shop.”